Hallelujah, More Facts
By Pastor G. Reckart

The Hebrew name Lucifer (heylel-Strong's #1966 from #1984) is a very interesting word.  The Hebrew word "heylel" is translated "lucifer" in Isaiah 14:12. In other scriptures the root, Strong's #1084 "halal" is translated "praise."  But a careful look at this word reveals only that it means "shine".  This all comes into focus when we study the etymology of hallelujah. This word has two parts: hallelu and jah.

Scholars claim the root of "alleluia" in Revelation 19 is Hebrew #1984 and "halal." As Apostolic believers we want to know if "halal" the root of "heylel" in any way is tied to Lucifer? If they are we are confronted with something as diabolic as the trinity. Maybe even more so.  Because if "heylel" is lucifer, and if lucifer is the devil, satan, the old dragon, the demonic fallen angel, then we must NEVER use any word that incorporates it into our worship.

It became my understanding that "halal" and "heylel" are different words. And although the root of "heylel" is "halal" the latter should not be considered tied to Lucifer. It was because of this change in my understanding that I encouraged in all countries our praise to Jesus should be more Biblical.  So, in the Philippines I introduced "Hallelu-Yeh" and also "Hallelu-Jesus" for our members rather than the "hallelu-jah."

We now know the word "hallelujah" was first used in Dublin, Ireland in the year 1741 by George F. Handel at Christ's Church (Catholic) in his Christmas "Handel's Messiah." I point out this was a Catholic invention and first used in a Catholic church. It was never known before this. So, how could it be the highest praise of God's people and and it is only a couple hundred years old? It was borrowed from the Catholic church by the Protestants and is now screamed in nearly every Oneness Church in the world. But, it is not found in the Bible any where. An attempt to make hallelujah from "alleluia" is where the use of it shows us it is evil. The "ia" of "alleluia" is then the same as the "jah' or "yah" of hallelujah (yah).

We already know "ia" or "ya" or "jah" or "yah" all refer to a false god. Jesus is not this "ia" or "ya" or "jah" or "yah".

Search the dictionaries for hallelujah, halleluyah, or alleluia. They will all say these mean "praise Jah or Yah." They will also then continue on to say Jah and Yah are Jehovah (invented by a Catholic monk around 1280AD) and Yahweh (invented by a Catholic monk around 1565AD). They point to Revelation chapter 19 and the book of Psalms as evidence the existence of this praise goes all the way back to the time of king David. But they do not point out that it is clearly an interpolation since it is not used by any prophet nor was it a part of any worship in the tabernacle or temple. There is no way David knew Greek to say "alleluia" or knew of hallelujah or halleluyah invented in 1741 by George Handel.
The evidence of an interpolation in the 19th chapter of Revelation is proven by an examination of Revelation chapter 7 that contains a parallel account of the same event in heaven. In chapter 7 there is no alleluia. It is an impossibility for the Scriptures to contradict themselves unless man has had his hand in the corruption. What is more important here is that no Christian of the first Church from 30AD to 100AD ever heard or used hallelujah, halleluyah, or alleluia.
Additional information here is needed to clarify this statement. The book of Revelation is considered by most scholars to have been written around 90-100AD. This being the case, all of the Apostles are dead but John. Many thousands of early Christians are now dead. And only AFTER JOHN wrote the book of Revelation would anyone know there was a heavenly choir saying "alleluia." We cannot backward place this praise upon the lips of early Christians who died before the book of Revelation was written. They would not have known about it.
And last: why is it a Latin word transliterated into Greek and not found rather in Paleo-Hebrew or Babylonian Aramaic ancient scrolls? We conclude then that the use of "ia, iah, jah, or yah" at the end of names or incorporated into words placed into our bibles is nothing but interpolation. We are not cursed if we reject hallelujah, halleluyah, alleluia, or any other praise manufactured from these words. We can say, "HOSANNA" in the highest, because this was spoken by early Christians as a praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. Not one time on earth can it be proven "hallelyjah, halleluyah, or alleluia" was ever spoken to our Lord Jesus Christ. We shall now continue our investigation into this matter.

When I began my journey against the "yah" idols and gods back in the late 80s, I had no clue where this would take me. I had not formed my mind yet. But in 1993, in preliminary debate discussions, I was challenged by Jerry Kirk from Covenington, Georgia to defend the name of Jesus, I came face to face with a shocking reality. Jerry Kirk challenged me why I use "hallelujah" if I did not believe "yah" was a holy name of God, because hallelu or praise was to a god named "Yah."  He as other Yahwist of course took "Yah" as an abbreviation of the tetragrammaton (Yah)weh, which they had transferred to a guess name "(Yah)shua."

As I did my preliminary research I could detect there was something bad wrong with the word "hallelujah."  I already knew "yah" was the name of several idols and false gods. It was the name of the Egyptian moon god.  When I began to collect my data, I came upon a web site that stated "Yah" was the other moon god.  The owner and editor of that page has since revised it so that anyone searching will not connect the Egyptian "yah" to the Jewish "yah."  He claims there is no connection now. Well, I got the information before he was pressured by Yahwist to alter it.

From 1993 on, I began to question use of "hallelujah" in our praise, worship, prayers, and songs.  In the fall of 1993 Pastor C.E. George of Jonesboro, Arkansas took 10 of my PRAISE THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST book to the Philippines. He passed them out to ministers. Pastor George did not to my knowledge oppose my section in that book on "hallelujah" or he would not have taken it to the Philippines. I met with and talked with Pastor George over the years before his death and not one time did he tell me he disagreed with any part of that book or about my writing about "hallelujah." Standing at his casket, Sister George came to me there as I looked down on her husband and told me that Pastor George spoke well of me and he loved me. I do not know of a single person Pastor George told not to have fellowship with me or to mistrust me about this subject of "Praise The Name Of Jesus Christ." In fact, he was so stirred by that book and by the Yahweh people he opposed with me, that his last earthly message was: "What Is Wrong With The Name of Jesus." Whether or not Pastor George continiued to use "hallelujah" or not, he never openly opposed me about it.

By 1998 one copy in the Philippines survived and fell into the hands of a Pastor who when he read the book, said to his members and friends: "this little book contains gold."  It was in this book I presented the praise "hallelu-YEH" as a substitue for hallelu-jah and alleluia. I back up this with research.  In 1998, one Pastor and his church ceased using the guess names Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahshua, and the words hallelujah and alleluia.  If these names were not names of Jesus it would be idolatry to use them.  I was invited to come to the Philippines in 1998. I did not go until 2003, five years later. During this five years I sent Bible studies to assist these Pastors. In the mean time, the truth about hallelujah began to spread and met with bitter resistance, hatred, and extreme slander. Lies, perversions, and outright blasphemy were hurled at me. This pastor and other ministers changed hallelujah to hallelu-Yeh, in the book "Yeh" is contracted from Eh(yeh) asher Eh(yeh) the name of God at the burning bush, and from the first letters of the Hebrew name of Jesus (Yeh)shua(s). After 12 years the hate remains extreme. But the JMFI group retains their praise only to the name of Jesus, the name above ALL NAMES!

Though we be hated and persecuted for refusing to say hallelujah, JMFI and the associated Ministers are not ashamed to praise only the name of Jesus. Even if all men forsake us, we will not praise any "yah" god because we know this is not Jesus.  According to Webster's Dictionary, alleluia is praise to Jehovah or Yahweh. And we know these two names were invented by Catholic monks and they are false.

As my research continues I believe it is time JMFI as the leader in this battle of crying against a false praise, rises to the next level. We will retain "hallelu" separate from "heylel" and we will not use jah, yah, or ia as the objects of our praise. We will use the word "praise" with its English meaning which has no lineage or genealogy to heylel. We will encourage all nations to use a substitute word in their tongue for praise and add to this the name of Jesus.

It has been several years we do not use the word hallelu-yah here in the Tampa church. Nor do I teach it among the nations.  When in doubt, my answer is always do not do it. I have been in doubt of hallelu-yah as a praise ever since I learned alleluia was Latin and the Catholic church claimed those who go to heaven speak the holy language of Latin.  They offer alleluia as the proof of this claim.  In my research I could not find this word in a companion passage in Revelation chapter 7. It is missing. In fact it is missing in all the other heavenly events corresponding to this claimed cry in Revelation 19. Add to this the fact "yah" is not the name of Jesus, and that "yah" is the name of many pagan idols, notable that of the Egyptian moon god.  Why would Jesus adopt this pagan identity for himself?

I am opposed to any use of alleluia or hallelu-jah in the house of God and in our worship. I do not trust the lying scribes. I do not trust the perverted scholars trying to deceive us. So, when in doubt, I still say do not do it.

While some are claiming heylel or day star does not mean lucifer any more, it just means Venus, does this not add more confusion to this whole issue  Would not then heylel if it means Venus mean the people in heaven were crying "Venus" to the one on the throne? A female goddess? Or they were crying "day star"?

You novices and perverters can go quote all the claims of the reprobates who play with Hebrew and translations, you can make a game of this if you wish just to continue your hatred of this Man of God: but this man of God and others I can influence will not use "alleluia, hallelu-yah, heylel-yah, heylel-lucifer, for the rest of our lives. And he will teach all nations NOT TO USE THESE WORDS.

Now what of those who have cried hallelujah all these years? What if those who never knew and they died?  All I can say is, God will be the judge of their being ignorant and if when they would have known the Truth, would they love the Truth with such zeal they would have ceased. But I also know, "to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, it is sin." 

I say to all of you who read this: do not follow the Jews in their perversions. Do not follow the Gentiles in their abominations. Do not follow the scribes and scholars trying to make these words acceptable. Cleanse your mouth. For in that day there shall be one Lord and his name one. And his name is Jesus. Any praise to any other name, is idolatry.

I call upon all of you good men of God to abstain from use of hallelu-yah and alleluia and tell the people why.

Several years ago when I debated the Yahwist in 1993. I wrote a small Bible study entitled: PRAISE THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. I meant it then and I mean it today twenty years later. There is no name equal to or greater than the name of Jesus. I am 100% sure of that. Jesus House in Tampa is a holy place to the name above all names.

To the elect, you will understand. To the wicked, you will continue in your wickedness. And remember all you gainsayers, every time you say hallelu-jah you are saying the same thing as praise lucifer under a different name and title because jah and yah and ia are all the same devil.



Pastor G. Reckart
July 15, 2010