By Pastor G. Reckart
Jesus House Global

The true Jesus Church is the only Church of Jesus.
The true Jesus Church began on the day of Pentecost.
The true Jesus Church is a Church of love, loyalty, and longsuffering.
The true Jesus Church admits Jesus is God Emmanuel, I AM that I AM, Alpha and Omega, First and Last, and the Almighty God.
The true Jesus Church believes Jesus was both Lord (God) and Christ (man).
The true Jesus Church believes in Jesus there was no sin or curse of death.
The true Jesus Church believes God (spirit) and the Son (humanity) are one through hypostatic union.
The true Jesus Church believes if Jesus had not laid down his life he would have never died, because he did not have the sentence of death.
The true Jesus Church is made up of born again men, women, and children who confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh.
The true Jesus Church confesses salvation through Christ alone, by grace alone, and by faith alone.
The true Jesus Church was made holy by the blood of Jesus Christ, therefore its members follow holiness both inward and outward as Christians.
The true Jesus Church follows Acts 2:38 as the plan of salvation.

There is one Church anyone not in that Church is lost.

The word "church" comes from the Greek word "ekklesia" which we are told means "called out ones." The people who are identified as the "called out ones" are also referred to a "congregation." The first time "ekklesia" is used is found in the Greek Septuagint (LXX) Old Testament translated about 280BC. It is used about 80 times to describe the people assembled together as a religious group. "Ekklesia" as "called out ones" is one group called out of another group. We see this as Israel the "ekklesia" called out of Egypt. This calling out, makes Israel a special assembly and congregation of worshipers of God. It is interesting to note, that the LXX Greek bible is the origin of "sunagoge." A "sunagoge" is the assembly of Israelites in a place of worship. Thus the temple in Jerusalem and all smaller temples in the day of Jesus were called "sunagoges." The emphasis however is not upon the place they assemble as a congregation, but the fact that if they were not Israelites, they were not counted as the "ekklesia." Only those who stood at Mount Horeb among the twelve tribes were counted as Israel. And only those descended from these who stood at Mount Horeb were to be counted as Israelites and the "ekklesia." It is essential to first establish the Jewishness of the origin of "ekklesia" and how it became the identity of the New Testament Church "ekklesia." If we have the use of "ekklesia" by Jesus in Matthew 16:18 and the intent and meaning was a group of "called out ones," we must insist that the original Church was Jewish. It was the Israel of God. And into this "ekklesia" came many hundreds from the twelve tribes. With all the twelve tribes represented in the Church "ekklesia" they are a new group called not out of the world but out of the nation of Israel. They would be a people out of a people. They would be an "ekklessia" out of an "ekklesia. They would be an Israel out of an Israel. This is absolutely what the New Testament Church "ekklesia" is. Into this Jewish olive tree the Gentiles are grafted. The Gentiles are "ekklesia" out of the world.

In Matthew 16:18, Jesus said he would build his Church. He would build his "ekklesia." HE WOULD BUILD HIS ISRAEL.

It is totally illegal to use the terms Church and "ekklesia" and not admit this identity was first used for Israel in the Old Testament.

The Church or "ekklesia" was in the plan of God before the foundation of the world.

Ephesians 1:4--According as he has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love.

The first glimpse of this group and of Jesus who would be the King and Lord, is found in Genesis 3:15. All the time of a man's years of life; all of the months and years waiting on the promised seed to crush the serpent's head, were but years of hope that the day of deliverance would one day come to the earth. This prophecy would not be fulfilled within the Old Testament "ekklesia" of Israel but in the New Testament ekklesia" of Israel. For this reason, we must observe that John the Baptist preached about a coming Kingdom that was not associated with the old kingdom of Israel. This new Kingdom would be ushered in by the Messias. John was trying to prepare old Israel to welcome the Messias and to enter this Kingdom. This Kingdom is what we call the Church or the "ekklesia." Those from the old nation of Israel who refused to come into the Kingdom of the Messias and into the Church "ekklesia" would be lost. A nation is not a kingdom. A kingdom has a king. A nation without a king is not a kingdom. This is the purpose of Mark 16:16. One group of believing Israelites would accept and follow the Messias and come into his Kingdom Church. And because they departed from the old temple religion to follow Jesus, they became the originators and first Church or "ekklesia."

Many fall into the ditch when they study the word "ekklesia" because the do not see in this word anything that means a building. To these, to use the word Church for a building is unscriptural. They demand it can only be used for the identity of the people gathered in an assembly or congregation. We do not fight about this. But we are quick to say, that in the 1400 years that the Israelites were the "ekklesia" and called out ones from Egypt: God still gave them a temple and a building for a place to "assemble and to congregate" as worshippers. It is then not wrong to refer to the place where the Israel of God worshipper assemble and congregate a Church. In fact observe this verse:

Acts 7:38---This is he, what was in the church in the wilderness with the angel which spake to him in the mount Sina, and with our fathers: who received the lively oracles to give unto us."

In this verse the tabernacle was called "the Church." The Acts text was talking about Moses in the tabernacle. He was in the "church in the wilderness." So, it is not unscriptural to refer to a building or meeting place of an assembly or congregation by the name or identity of "church." For those who want to make a contest out of this, I simply say they are wresting to their own destruction. Because most of these are not trying to prove what is true or acceptable, but how much fault they can find to destroy churches and the members.

The true Jesus Church, is then founded upon Jesus and him alone. There is nothing in this Church that has anything from rabbis who reject Jesus as the Messias. The witnesses of the true Jesus Church were twelve. They are the origin of our Israel of God. These twelve leaders replaced the leaders of the Old Testament twelve tribes. These twelve Apostles will sit on twelve thrones judging the old Israel and the New Testament Church. Because this is true, we must humble ourselves to the authority of the doctrines of the twelve Apostles. This is what Jesus prayed:

John 17:20---Neither do I pray for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word.

None of our doctrine shall come from any rabbi, Jewish book, Jewish fables, or anything from any Jewish source that has not been passed through the filter of the doctrine of the Apostles. Be very careful that we do not accept or use any rabbi doctrines or teachings in the same way we are very careful we do not accept fables, traditions, lies, and false teachings from the Catholic church and other groups.

The true Jesus Church has no single name, but is referred to by several different titles and descriptions. It is ok to use these for the name of the building were the members and converts will assembly and make a congregation.

It is called the Church in Matthew 16:18;
The church of the Lord Acts 20:28;
The churches of Christ Romans 16:16;
The church of God 1Corinthians 1:2;
The temple of God 1Corinthians 3:16;
The body of Christ Ephesians 1:22-23;
The bride of Christ Ephesians 5:22-32;
The kingdom Colossians 1:13;
The body of Christ Colossians 1:18;
The house of God 1Timothy 3:5;
The church of the first born Hebrews 12:23.

The true Jesus Church is not the Old Testament law keeping type. It is a New Covenant type where grace and mercy meet sinners and brings them by the way of salvation into the fellowship of the believers.

The true Jesus Church is not a sabbath keeping church. It does not demand circumcision. It does not celebrate Old Testament new moons or feast days. It does not use the Aramaic language in any way. It does not do circle dances. It is not of works and show.

The true Jesus Church follows the doctrine of the Apostles. And specifically the doctrine of Paul. There is no other Gospel than that which he preached.

The true Jesus Church is not a religious organization that contains lots of traditions and false doctrines. The head is Jesus Christ himself. Each Pastor is under the direct supervision of Jesus Christ. Association with other Ministers, Bishops, Elders, Deacons.Evangelists, Prophets, Teachers, is for the purpose of fellowship and guidance. We give honor and respect to all men of God who are dedicated to the Truth above traditions. If Truth divides the modern churches, then it is a good thing. This will bring about a new "ekklesia" of called out ones.

The members of the true Jesus Church are called:

Believers Acts 5:14; 2Corinthians 6:15;
Saints Acts 9:13; Romans 1:7; Philippians 1:1;
Children of God Galatians 3:26-27; 1John 3:1-2;
Christians Acts 11:26; Acts 26:28: 1Peter 4:16;
Disciples Acts 6:1,7; Acts 11:26;
Members of Christ 1Corinthians 12:27; Corinthians 6:15; Romans 12:4-5.

Converts are added to the true Jesus Church.

By water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ Acts 2:38-41;
Added by Holy Spirit baptism Ephesians 2:16;
Speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance is the initial evidence of being born of the Holy Spirit Acts 2:1-4;

Water baptism requires going down into the water Acts 8:36-38;
A burial in water Romans 6:3-4, Colossians 2:12, 1Peter 3:21;
A resurrection into a newness of life Acts 8:39, Romans 6:4; Colossians 2:12;
A new birth that replaces the first birth of the mother John 3:3-5, Romans 6:3-6.
No one can be a new creation who has not been baptized.

The true Jesus Church did not:

Get its purpose from man Ephesians 3:10-11;
Was purchased by the blood of Jesus Acts 20:28, Ephesians 5:25;
Man does not name its members Isaias 56:5, Isaias 62:2, Acts 11:26, 1Peter 4:16;
No man may add anyone to the true Jesus Church Acts 2:47, 1Corinthians 12:18;
No man may make up doctrine and force it upon the true Jesus Church Galatians 1:8-11, 2John 9:11.

The true Jesus Church believes in one God. It is not trinitarian (three). It is not biarian (two).

Jesus is both Father and Son. If we confess the Father we have the Son. If we confess the Son we have the Father.

The true Jesus Church does not accept the tetragrammatons YHWH or YHVH.
It does not accept any rabbi or monk invented names such as Jehovah or Yahweh.
It holds that the name of Jesus is a Hebrew name. It is not an English name, a Latin name, a Greek name, or any other name. It originated as a Jewish name.
Jesus confirmed to the Apostle Paul his name was Jesus in Acts  22:8.

If you want to be a part of the true Jesus Church:

Humble and be guided by the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles;
Read your bible and pray daily;
Join in worship with other believers weekly;
Witness to others of the saving power of Jesus Christ;
Be faithful to Jesus Christ;
Be under the spiritual covering of a pastor;
Wear the name Christian as a true Christian;
Share what you learn with others who need their own personal "ekklesia";
Love sinners and hate sin;
Worship in Spirit and in Truth with other believers;
Sing and make melody in your heart to the Lord Jesus.

At Jesus House Global, we want to bring Light To The Nations.
It is our desire to help many millions of souls escape from religion and join in the Kingdom.

Come join us.
Pastor G. Reckart