Why Apostolic
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Why Apostolic?

Because it is the original collection of Christians who were the followers of Jesus Christ.

There was no Catholic church. There was no Protestant church. There was no Islam or a mosque. The original Christians were Apostolic.

The name Apostolic means to follow the teachings and doctrine of the twelve Apostles. All of our religion and faith comes from the eye witness Apostles. They are our only rule of faith and practice. What they placed in writing as the New Testament is our only source of faith and doctrine.

These Apostolics gave us the New Testament. Therefore, the New Testament was writen and preserved by the Apostolic people. Later, the Catholics and others tried to claim the New Testament because they collected the writings into a book. But they already were collected by the Apostolics and used in all of their Churches. The Apostolic Church gave the world the New Testament. And we will remain the ONLY ones to propertly interpret it.

Why Apostolic?

Because it is the only Church in the world who believes the words of Jesus that he and the Father are one. We know the Catholics and Protestants say "one" here means unity. But Jesus did not mean unity. He said: "I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE" (John 10:30). He told the Apostle Philip: "HE THAT HATH SEEN ME HATH SEEN THE FATHER" (John 14:9).  No other religion in the world but Apostolics believe this. Only Apostolics believe the Father was visible in the person of Jesus Christ. This was a Christian belief. And it was the Apostolic belief. Can you believe Jesus and the Father are one? Then you are on your way to become an Apostolic.

Because the Apostolics believe salvation is in Christ alone, by grace alone, and by faith alone.
Because the Apostolic Church was the first Church (the Catholic church was not founded until 325AD at the Council of Nicaea).
Because the Apostolic Church was the only Church.
Because the Apostolic faith, doctrine, practices, conduct, and order is what the first Christians followed.
Because the Apostolic faith contains the only plan of salvation by grace through faith and found in Acts 2:38.
Because the Apostolic Church confesses the Father and the Son.
Because the Apostolics confess Jesus Christ came in the flesh and was both Lord and Christ. He was the Lord Christ. Add his name and he was the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
Because Apostolics hold Jesus was both God and man. This was the original faith of Christians before heretics and other false teachers arose and created their false Christianities.
Because the Apostolics were the first Christians and held this faith of Christ throughout the centuries.
Because all other religions since the Apostolic Church are false.
All other off-shoots, sects, divisions, and or groups that do not hold the original Apostolic doctrines are false.
Being a member of any church that is not Apostolic cannot bring salvation or eternal rewards.

Why Apostolic?

Because you do not want to go to hell believing lies and being a member of a false church.

Why Apostolic?

Because if you are not Apostolic it means someone has deceived you to believe you are saved when you are not.

Apostolic is the only Church group that believes and follows the original doctrines and teachings of the Apostles.

Because the Apostles were the only men in the world trained and ordained by Jesus Christ.

For three and one half years these Apostles followed Jesus day and night. They heard him teach. They saw him perform miracles. They observed his manner of life. They accepted him as the son of David and as the Messieh predicted by the angel Gabriel in Daniel 9:24-25. The were witness of the hatred of the Temple cult consisting of Pharisees and Sadducees. When the Apostles speak we know they are in keeping with the original teachings and intent of Jesus.

Why Apostolic also allows us to investigate and compare all Christian sects with the acts of the Apostles. We can examine the doctrine, teachings, and practices of churches and see if they are the Church of the Bible or just some man-made religious organization. When we compare the book of Acts with Churches we can easily detect if they are a true Church or a false church. It is because there are so many false churches that Why Apostolic is important to us today.

The Apostles believed Jesus to be both the son of man, and the Son of God. They saw in Jesus both his humanity and his Deity. Anyone who denies either of these is not Apostolic. In fact they are antichrist who confess not that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. They are also antichrist if they deny the Father and the Son. The Apostles had no problem recognizing Jesus as Emmanuel (God with us). They knew Jesus was both God and man. He was both Father and son. He was both Lord and Christ. They learned this not only by observation and their personal faith, they believed it because Jesus taught them these things.

Why Apostolic allows us to check and see if out religion teaches the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Any religion that denies the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is an antichrist religion. In some cases, these religions are also pagan and heathen. The Apostles were witnesses of the death, burial, and resurrection. This is why they held such a unique place in the New Testament Bible.

The Apostles all believed in the Kingdom of God. They also believed the Church was this Kingdom. The Church being the Kingdom it was also then the true Israel of God. The Apostles were very clear on the Kingdom and Israel and the Church. Jesus was Lord, King, and Christ of Israel and the Church. For those in Israel, Jews who rejected him, they were discarded as unbelievers and would not share the eternal rewards of the righteous. Jesus told them in Mark 16:16, he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, he that believeth not shall be damned. Jesus have a choice: believe and be baptized or be damned. Many chose to be damned then and many choose to be damned today. When the Apostles viewed the Church they saw it as the commonwealth of Israel. They saw it as the olive tree into which Gentiles were grafted. The Apostles saw in Christ and in the Church a remnant of Israel and these would receive the Gentiles as joint heirs and fellowcitizens of the Israel of God.

Why Apostolic gives us a chance to check out Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, and other religions to see if they line up with the New Testament. If they do not line up, they are not the true religion of God.

Why Apostolic? Because it is the only Church Jesus built upon 12 Apostles. Any religion that does not follow the Apostle's Doctrine is false.

If you want to be saved, you must become Apostolic.


By faith obedience to Acts 2:28.


Be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ,

Be filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

Live a holiness life until Jesus comes.

Do not join any religion that does not practice Acts 2:38 and does not believe Jesus is God.

Why Apostolic?

Because there is no other Church  or religion in the world that is right.

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